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Meeting Dates: October 2 through December 11, 2023

We’re glad you will be a part of this Open Table group. Our goal for this group is for this to be a time of growth for you in terms of your relationship with Jesus and His family.

How to make the most of your time with our Intentional Disciples of Jesus Open Table group

  1. By Your Intentionality: We meet as Intentional Disciples of Jesus with the explicit purpose of orienting (or reorienting) our lives around Jesus to live and serve as his disciples. We believe we are called to have the same relationship with Jesus that characterized the first disciples. The distance between the first disciples and ourselves, in terms of time and culture, does not change the fundamental disciple relationship that every generation of believers should expect to have with the Lord Jesus, our savior, master, and King.

  2. By doing with Jesus what the first disciples did: As modern disciples of Jesus we want to do with Jesus precisely what the first disciples of Jesus did with him; they worshiped him, listened to his voice, learned from him, and ministered with him.

  3. Join The Rhythm of Our Small Group. As your schedule permits
    1. In the week leading up to our small group meeting
      • Read, watch, or listen to the material in the week’s lesson.
      • Prayerfully read the daily scripture readings included in the weekly lesson (and/or the Lectio Divina journal) and record your interactions with the Lord.
      • Participate in the larger congregational gatherings (Sunday services, Thursday morning Prayer Room meetings, etc.) for worship, prayer, ministry to one another, and study of the scriptures.
      • Meet up with each other for fellowship and encouragement, to do ministry together, and to build relationship with each other.
      • Pray for the next Open Table meeting specifically asking Jesus if there is someone He wants to speak to or heal when we meet next.
    2. As we meet together weekly, participate in each of these four normal disciple activities.
      • Worship Jesus with music, vocal praise and thanksgiving, etc.
      • Listen to Jesus by sharing what we heard Jesus say during the previous week through the scriptures, and what He is saying to us by the Spirit as we meet.
      • Learn from Jesus by summarizing the week’s lesson and discussion questions.
      • Minister with Jesus by praying for one another.

This Open Table will use this online space to help with our group. We will go over all of this when we get together, but here is a quick overview of what we can do with this online space:

      1. We can make resources available each week that will be useful for our Monday meetings. This will include something to read or watch related to our general topic of Intentional Discipleship to Jesus. We will also include the daily readings from the Lectio Divina journal for those who don’t have one with them (or didn’t pick one up) but would like to do the reading with everyone else. Note that on each page in the Intentional Disciples of Jesus “course” that is part of this group is a Blue “Notes” button. You can take your own personal notes at any time on any content pages you find here – no paper needed.

      2. We can connect with and communicate easily with each other, and the group leaders can broadcast messages to the whole group if needed.

      3. Finally, you can easily send an email invitation to others who would appreciate this Open Table group and might want to check it out.

    If you haven’t done so yet, please take a few minutes to fill out the details of your online profile so others in the group can get to know you, even before we meet in person.